Fire Curtain Installation & Maintenance

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Fire curtain routine service bookings available  5 days advance but we also provide rapid service.  Batteries and bearing equipment will be replaced when required.

Fire and Smoke curtains can be activated by the signal coming from the fire detection system as well as manually activated.

Fire curtain maintenance and inspections are essential to make sure that your system is functioning correctly.

Fire curtain maintenance certificates will be issued upon completion.  

Fire and Smoke curtains, in accordance with the architecture and escape plans, ensure that the heat generated during or after a fire is kept at the ceiling level and that the personnel can be evacuated easily in case of an emergency and prevents the spread of fire. It facilitates the controlled evacuation of people by making the areas independent of each other during the fire, as well as facilitating the safe and intervention of the rescue or extinguishing team. It also plays a major role in the evacuation of smoke generated during a fire without spreading through the existing roof ventilation hatches. Fire Curtains are made of fiber material with silicone-coated steel ropes on both sides. Curtains are used to prevent the fire from passing from one zone to another. Thanks to its special fabric, it provides ease of movement and struggle by keeping the temperature up to 1100 C for 180 minutes. Curtains, which can be integrated into the existing fire detection system, start to operate automatically in case of danger.

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